A Matlab Toolbox for the simulation of non-point source pollution (and not only...)

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The mSim is a collection of matlab functions which solve the groundwater flow equation and contaminant transport. The code was primarily written for the simulation of Non-Point Source (NPS) contamination in large groundwater basins, however the equations that mSim solves are general. For the theoretical documentation of the model see (Kourakos et al., 2012) while the description and real world application see (Kourakos and Harter 2014)


The mSim functions are organized into folders. The current version contains the following folders:

Pre/Post Processing

The mSim is a finite element based model and relies on two external softwares for the mesh generation and complex data visualization. Gmsh is a free, open source, powerful mesh generator with its own scripting language. The mSim functions assist in creating the nessecary input files for Gmsh. Note that Gmsh can be executed within Matlab.

For data visualization we recommend the Paraview code. This is also an open source code based on the vtk libraries. Again mSim functions convert the results of the simulation into appropriate vtk legacy format for direct input to Paraview

Limitations - future improvements

The current version 1.0 has the following limitations:

The following is the list of features we intent to improve:

  1. Improve particle tracking algorithm
  2. Support of transient state flow
  3. Extend the transport simulations to higher dimensions
  4. Support transient transport simulation

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